Top 6 Things That Successful Online Community Engagement Projects Have in Common

Let’s take a look at what’s working best in online community engagement In the early days of online community engagement tools there were plenty of experiments happening and not enough information to allow any meaningful pattern analysis. With those early days behind us, it’s finally possible to tease out best practices and evaluate critical success [...]

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Why Being Mobile-Friendly Is So Important

In recent years we have witnessed the explosive growth of internet users on mobile devices around the world. In 2015, there were more Google searches on mobile than on desktops for the first time. 47% of Facebook’s 1.55 billion users only use it on their phone. Our own results point to this growing trend as [...]

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Top 4 Answers: What Does Better Public Engagement Mean?

In the past few months, the public engagement community has ramped up dialogue about how to measure success. It’s a tricky question since metrics like miles per gallon are hard to find in the “social sciences.” A great place to begin in any such exercise is to clearly define what success means so we decided [...]

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Drive Engagement Using Powerful Calls-to-Action

In order to compete with the clutter of information that bombards people every day there are many strategies to keep in mind to kick start your participation and keep the momentum going throughout the engagement period. One of the most important aspects of driving participants to take action is crafting powerful calls-to-action. Strong messages are [...]

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What Motivates Civic Engagement?

When we talked to over 100 agencies about their goals for improving their public engagement activities, increasing participation rates came out #1. That was enough to motivate us to look into motivation. We did some research into the most important motivators for civic engagement and here is what we learned. 1. Fear It turns out [...]

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6 Benefits of Digital Community Engagement

You may be wondering – what’s all the fuss about online engagement tools? Don’t the traditional methods work just fine? Digital tools have a few key advantages over traditional methods of public engagement. Here are six of the most common benefits of online engagement that we hear from organizations: 1. Increased quantity of participants Typically [...]

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How to Create a Compelling Brand for Your Project

Good branding makes people excited to get involved and will garner more interest and sharing on social media networks. Good brands get recognized and spread – bad brands don’t. So what makes for a good brand? Clarity Explicitly communicate what’s in it for them. Be memorable and make things easy to understand. Use plain English [...]

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Announcing MetroQuest Insights

A New Window into Your Public Input The MetroQuest development team has been busy this summer making many improvements to our community engagement software platform. We’ve been listening to the needs of our clients and over the past few months we’ve completely revamped the way our clients get the results of their public engagement. Introducing [...]

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Leveraging Social Networks to Increase Online Engagement

As an online engagement software company, we recognize that social media is one of the most useful tools out there for promoting your project and increasing engagement. Since these platforms are free the only real cost is time. By following best practices and using tools and techniques to increase productivity, social media can lead to [...]

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