MetroQuest is market leading Public Engagement software that’s optimized for actionable results. Agencies and planning firms of all sizes trust MetroQuest to enable them to engage thousands of people across a wide demographic, while obtaining quantifiable data and actionable results in support of their planning and investment decisions.

MetroQuest has been developed through years of research, tested on several hundred real world projects, and used by millions of people to learn about sophisticated projects and to provide informed input. The quality and effectiveness of this data is a critical component to the success of public engagement initiatives, and can have long term impact on agency plans, and their investment decisions.

MetroQuest is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering with subscription based licensing, enabling licensed users to set-up and launch their own MetroQuest Sites (surveys) to support their public engagement objectives.


mike-150x150-02Mike Walsh – President & Chief Executive Officer

Mike has over 20 years of experience designing and developing computer-based learning and communications tools that engage stakeholders. As one of the company’s founders and the chief architect of MetroQuest, in addition to providing strategic leadership for the company, Mike has been instrumental in advancing the MetroQuest offering to a market leading software-as-a-service public engagement product.

daveDave Biggs – Chief Engagement Officer

Dave is an internationally recognized expert in public engagement and the use of software to enhance public participation for planning projects. As a co-founder of MetroQuest, he has authored several books and papers on planning, sustainability and public engagement. Dave is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and webinars, and contributor to leading planning and engagement journals, where he lends insight into best practices for optimizing public engagement outcomes.

day-150x150-02Day Kirby – Vice President, Product & Development

Day has over 25 years of experience in web application development, including 15 years with MetroQuest. He leads the development of the MetroQuest Site platform and the MetroQuest Studio self-serve application. He has a varied background in graphic design, software development and mathematics.

Derek WarburtonDerek Warburton – Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Derek is a technology industry leader with 26 years of expertise in building customer-centric sales teams and relationships that enable client success and company growth. Derek is also a highly regarded educational speaker, and has delivered presentations at over 130 professional events for thousands of companies on the effective use of technology to meet business objectives.

Genèse Castonguay – Vice President, Marketing

Genèse is a dynamic and results-focused marketing professional with a proven record of achievements in launching B2B enterprise software solutions, building top recognized brands, and driving sales growth for companies including with Colligo and Aquatic Informatics. With over 18 years of marketing and sales experience, Genèse is intimately familiar with all facets of demand and revenue generation.