[SUCCESS] Celebrating Women Doing Great Public Engagement

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Happy International Women’s Day!!

Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in planning and public engagement. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter. We wanted to take a moment and highlight some fantastic stories of women who are achieving balanced engagement, moving accessibility and mobility forward, and planning more equitable, vibrant cities for us all.

Beth Alden, Liane Miller, and Jennifer Fix

Celebrating Women | Balanced Engagement for Equitable Plans

Beth Alden shares her journey to executive leadership, Liane Miller gives us 5 tips that helped her engage 52% women for the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, and Jennifer Fix talks about a FEMOPOLIS taking us overseas to visit cities for women, by women. Get inspired by their exceptional stories!

Webinar AICP CM Credit: 1.0

CMAP Webinar

Public Engagement at All Scales | CMAP’s Winning Recipe

Learn how Chicago’s award-winning MPO is engaging at all scales by collaborating with 284 communities. CMAP Deputy Executive Director of Planning Stephane Phifer, Associate Outreach Planner Katanya Raby, and Senior Planner Lindsay Bayley take us inside their local approach to online engagement for OnTo2050.

Webinar AICP CM Credit: 1.0

City of Austin Webinar

Online Public Engagement Playbook

Liane Miller tells us how she engaged 5,100+ residents online to help inform and shape the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, the first locally-focused comprehensive transportation plan. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how America’s #1 boom town is planning inclusively for the city’s transportation future!

Webinar AICP CM Credit: 1.0

Kinney Engineering for Alaska DOT Webinar

Beyond Facebook | How DOTs Go Online for Real Input

Social media works for sharing information, but let’s get real. Social media can’t collect quantifiable public input for your transportation plan. Find out how Joann Mitchell and Heather Edic with Kinney Engineering surveyed 5,000+ residents online, collecting 80,000+ data points to inform their Glenn Highway project!

Webinar AICP CM Credit: 1.0

Centralina COG Engages Over 8,350 Residents

Discover how Michelle engaged 8,350+ residents! “We’ve really had robust engagement online. As far as outcomes, being able to do scenario planning and connect the dots between people’s values and the types of land uses they thought were important was tremendous for our region.”

Lorna Parkins, Michael Baker Int.

Discover How Micheal Baker Wow Their Clients

Watch this 3-minute clip on the outstanding success Lorna achieved by going beyond public meetings to reach thousands online. “We’re able to go to decision makers and show them ‘we got this much input, and these were the findings.’ This gives them more confidence to tell us that they’re ready to move forward.”

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