[WEBINAR] How to Design Public Engagement to Find Common Ground

Westport City bridge by building

A recipe for 5-star public engagement – how to find common desires and build a winning plan!

When it comes to urban and transportation planning, motivated groups with competing demands often emerge in community outreach efforts. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how online community engagement can help find common ground to build a plan that citizens will support.

Mark Evans, Principal of Urban Design at BartonPartners, and Mary Young, Director of Planning and Zoning with the Town of Westport, share their success in engaging the public to inform the Saugatuck Transit Oriented Design Master Plan. Find out how online engagement provided a fun and safe way for citizens to provide input without fear of reprisal from local insurgent groups. The result? A master plan that meets the common desires of the local community.

Over 1,200 people signed up for this popular 1-hour on-demand webinar. Watch it now to learn how to …

  1. Create a public engagement process to find common goals
  2. Ensure privacy in the process to uncover the true priorities
  3. Optimize citizen engagement to go beyond motivated groups
  4. Collect informed, constructive input from all demographics
  5. Find the balance between livability, character, and transportation
  6. Gain transparency with actionable data to support your plan

Thank you to our sponsors: NCDD and APA! An AICP CM credit is available for watching this on-demand webinar.

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