[CONFERENCE] The Rowdy and Exciting Rail~Volution PK Slam Event


Watch Dave’s PK Slam

The highlight of the Rail~Volution conference every year is the rowdy and exciting PK Slam event and this year was no exception. A standing room only audience packed the History Colorado Center on the evening of September 19th for a series of carefully selected rapid fire presentations. The presentations must follow the Pecha Kucha format which is limited to 20 slides that automatically advance every 20 seconds. The result is a fast and fun session that always delights audiences.

This year some of the presentations were captured on video and slowly they will be processed as time permits. The first one is ready featuring our very own Chief Engagement Officer, Dave Biggs. Stay tuned for the remaining videos. We will be post them shortly.

Additional Resources

As described in Dave’s presentation, you can request your complimentary beginner’s guide to public engagement eBook here. I hope you find it useful.

Free Webinar: How to Optimize Online Engagement for Government Agencies

For agencies and consulting teams looking for cost-effective ways to engage more people and a broader demographic in outreach projects at a variety of scales.

Our special guests from the IndyMPO compared and contrasted the innovative outreach they conducted on two projects:

Let’s Talk Transit and the Near North Village Center Plan. One is a multiyear county-wide transit plan and the other a focused mixed-use village center plan.

Taken together they provide a unique perspective about how agencies can involve an unprecedented number of community members to support plans and decisions for a variety of projects at any scale. IndyMPO team members will also share advice for agencies seeking to improve the diversity and effectiveness of their community engagement efforts and talk about the positive difference that broad community support is making as they move forward.

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