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[CONFERENCE] Presentation – AMPO 2015

I recently gave a presentation “Go Viral – Best Practices for Online Public Engagement for MPO’s” at AMPO 2015, the annual conference for the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations. We had a great time in Las Vegas speaking with MPO staff and public communications experts.

Above you’ll find a recording of my presentation, and you may also view a copy of the slides here.

Below you’ll find the full panel presentation in its entirety. This was a session called “Public Involvement – Part 1” and featured myself, Lorna Parkins from Michael Baker International, James Rojas from Place It and Shelley Whitworth from H-GAC.

Dave Biggs

Dave is the Chief Engagement Officer of MetroQuest and an internationally-recognized author and public engagement strategist focusing on the use of software tools to enhance community participation for planning projects.

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