[WEBINAR] Inside CMAP’s Award-Winning Public Engagement Process

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I’d say most of our clients are dealing with challenges around mobility, the environment, and driven by a desire to make their own communities more livable and resilient. These ambitions speak directly to my passions that I try to advocate for in my own community. I see MetroQuest as being one way to help empower better conversations around community and how we move around the globe. I am lucky to be able to work with like-mind clients who value the voice of the public.

CMAP has built a national reputation as a leader in public engagement. This on-demand webinar offers a detailed look inside the strategies that have made them so successful.

For the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, award-winning comprehensive plans involve public engagement at all scales, collaboration with 284 communities, and a Local Technical Assistance program that’s admired nationally.

Join CMAP Deputy Executive Director of Planning, Stephane Phifer, Associate Outreach Planner, Katanya Raby, and Senior Planner, Lindsay Bayley as they take you inside their local approach to online engagement for OnTo2050 – their comprehensive regional plan to improve quality of life and economic prosperity for 8.5 million people. Learn how CMAP used a multi-phased approach to online engagement for a variety of local plans, including the downtown Aurora Master Plan.

Webinar recording.

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar to explore effective ways to:

  • Engage inclusively to build inclusive plans
  • Uncover the ideas, hopes, and concerns of residents
  • Take a multi-phase approach to online engagement
  • Think both locally and regionally for collaborative planning

Here what participants are saying about the webinar:

“One of the best webinars I’ve seen. Very applicable to my work in municipal planning.”

“Very useful information that others can use as well for their efforts. tackles a common issue with planning projects.”

“Great presentation on challenges of comprehensive public engagement, as well as several examples on strategies to do it successfully.”

Watch this on-demand webinar to get inspired!

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