[WEBINAR] Transforming Public Apathy to Revitalize Engagement with Dave Meslin

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There are very few rock stars in the field of public engagement … so that makes Dave Meslin something of an anomaly.

Once you hear Dave Meslin speak in this on-demand webinar you’ll understand why his TED Talk on apathy and public engagement has over 1.7 million views!

Apathy is all around us. Most people have become disengaged not only from politics, but also from the government agencies that make decisions that directly affect their quality of life. Increasingly, leaders are asking themselves “How do we boost public participation?”

Join me with TED Talk celebrity, Dave Meslin as we explore proven techniques for building a culture of engagement. We try to encourage everyone to recognize apathy as a web of barriers that reinforce disengagement – and show how together we can work to dismantle the obstacles to revitalize public participation.

This in-depth journey combines humor with many examples of best-practices. The strongest cities have learned how to tap into the collective creativity, passion, and knowledge of their constituents. This webinar charts the course.

This presentation appeals to all public engagement and planning professionals as well as staff and leaders with planning agencies. For professional planners, APA AICP CM credits are available for watching the on-demand recording.

Here are some comments from participants:

“Exceptional analysis of the challenges of public engagement. Great ideas!”

“Quite possibly the most beneficial webinar I’ve ever attended. The speakers were both very knowledgeable on the topic.”

“Great presentation, very engaging, and it helped me step back from the day-to-day to re-think about planning topics from the citizen’s viewpoint.”

“Outstanding examples of how to improve public participation.”

“This was an excellent session! It might be the best session I’ve ever attended, including in-person sessions! Great content!”

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