[SUCCESS] MetroQuest Success Team Welcomes Oklahoma DOT

Mike sitting on the Throne of Cones

I would like to personally thank the esteemed panel of judges for recognizing the accomplishments of our world-class team. This award represents the collective achievements of all of our employees. They helped make 2018 a truly transformative year! We achieved 5

We’re so excited to welcome our friends at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to the MetroQuest community!

Our CEO, Mike Walsh, and I visited their offices in Oklahoma City last week. I always love being able to put faces to names, and I was thrilled to meet the Oklahoma DOT (ODOT) team in person. Our on-site training (which was recorded for future use) will ensure their users get started on the best path possible towards successful online public involvement!

With over 30 attendees, we were so excited to hear about the broad realm of public outreach projects ODOT is already planning!

ODOT on-site MetroQuest training

We worked directly with the Oklahoma DOT team, as well as various consultants and ODOT partners. Training this breadth of users means that ODOT employees can hand over the reins on various projects to their consultants and be able to focus their time on even more topics. We loved getting to connect with so many groups, each with a different focus and plans for MetroQuest surveys! From highway plans to community projects, we have examples for every project scale and type to help inspire their next online survey.

We visited in April, which is Work Zone Safety month! ODOT is focused on keeping all highway workers safe, and this was obvious from the moment we stepped in the door. There are tips on how to drive more safely posted on traffic cones in the lobby and even a huge throne of safety cones available for photos and posing! The focus on keeping highway workers safe and uninjured is clear, and we’re looking forward to helping Oklahoma DOT involve the public on this topic to learn how they can further improve safety methods.

I’m not going to lie, sitting on the throne of cones was definitely a highlight of my trip!

Tara sitting on throne of cones

We always love being able to connect with customers in person. Thank you Oklahoma DOT for being such amazing hosts!

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