[SUCCESS] MetroQuest Success Team in North Carolina

Group of people in training

I’d say most of our clients are dealing with challenges around mobility, the environment, and driven by a desire to make their own communities more livable and resilient.

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to welcome all the North Carolina MPOs and RPOs into the MetroQuest family! Some of us had the chance to meet them face-to-face and discuss the amazing public engagement projects we’ll be working on together this year. I traveled with our CEO, Mike Walsh, to Charlotte, Asheville, Kinston, and Raleigh to provide an overview of MetroQuest, as well as to facilitate hands-on training sessions.

Getting to teach our users in person is always a treat for me and having so many in each room, at every session, was absolutely incredible!

You could feel the crowd buzzing with every public involvement project we discussed, with tips and ideas being shared between all the MPOs and RPOs. I always love having the ability to put a face to a name, especially in this case with so many faces. I can’t wait to continue our discussions and work alongside these amazing people in their public engagement quests.

Being in-person meant that we were able to have all the new users create their own test surveys to explore the MetroQuest tool, and explore all the awesome ways they can use it on public participation projects of all scales. Being able to not only demo the software, but also to see how people are using it for the first time and answer questions right away made a huge difference. These users are already progressing quickly!

There’s a vast array of planning project types coming in North Carolina, from community plans, to highway development projects, to active transportation networks, and beyond. We can’t wait to see the amazing insights we can help all these groups gain with MetroQuest surveys.

These ambitions speak directly to my passions that I try to advocate for in my own community. I see MetroQuest as being one way to help empower better conversations around community and how we move around the globe. I am lucky to be able to work with like-mind clients who value the voice of the public.

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