[METROQUEST MINUTE] 5-Minute Survey Experience for Better Public Engagement

[METROQUEST MINUTE] 5-Minute Survey Experience for Better Public Engagement

Two months ago, we introduced MetroQuest Minute, our new series where we share a short, one-minute video every month about a community engagement tip, strategy, or technique. In case you haven’t seen our March or April MetroQuest Minute videos, I’ll insert links to them here:

For this month’s MetroQuest Minute, I’m excited to share an effective technique to increase your level of public participation and online survey completion rates. Click on the video below to watch:


In-Video Resources

Feel free to try out the three demo surveys that I shared in the short clip above! These versions do not collect data and will not affect the survey results.

Survey: Central Subway Extension Alternatives Study

Survey: Springfield City Plan – Stage 1

Survey: Fairfax County and Franconia-Springfield Parkways


Read on for a transcription of the video…

Hi, I’m Norma Hogan with your MetroQuest Minute: the fastest way to stay on top of online community engagement!

When you are creating an online engagement experience like a survey, keep in mind people’s attention spans are short.

In fact, it’s important to design your survey to take no more than five minutes to complete.

It can be a challenge to provide enough context for your project and ask all you want to know within this time constraint.

Here at MetroQuest, our software is tailored to help you design an engaging and informative five-minute survey experience.

For each survey, you can choose five interactive components from our library of fourteen, to match your project needs.

These components, which we call screens, provide a different, interactive experience, and are designed to provide project context while collecting participants’ feedback.

This makes a survey experience fast, engaging and informative.

These capabilities, paired with visuals, project context and more elements built into MetroQuest, allow planners to build a compelling survey experience that gathers more informed public input and meaningful data for your project or plan.

Until next time, we wish you great engagement!


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