[CONFERENCE] How to Engage Citizens Through Technology

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Presentation at 2016 Sustainable Communities Conference (Westin Ottawa)

In February 2016, over 400 municipal leaders and sustainability professionals gathered at the Westin in Ottawa, ON for the annual 2016 Sustainable Communities Conference. MetroQuest Chief Engagement Officer, Dave Biggs was honored to share the stage with Andrea Reimer (Councillor, City of Vancouver), Patrick Moody-Grigsby (Creative Director, Ayogo) and Katie Harper (Director, Project Neutral) in a session on leading edge civic tech for community sustainability moderated by Yellowknife Mayor, Mark Heyck. The session was recorded and we are pleased to share it below. You’ll find videos of each of the four presentations separately followed by the full session. Enjoy!

Session Description

Should municipalities promote energy and water conservation through app development? How can you crowdsource local knowledge and prioritize solutions with interactive maps, forums, and discussion boards? Who is best positioned to leverage these tools, and can they replace more traditional public consultation? This panel discussion profiles municipalities and web developers to examine how – and if – open data and social media can achieve concrete environmental results in a community context.

Presentation Videos

Unlocking Hidden Support for Sustainability (13 minutes)

Dave Biggs, Chief Engagement Officer, MetroQuest

A Politician’s Guide to Gamifying Policy Change (13 minutes)

Andrea Reimer, Councillor, City of Vancouver

Civic Tech – Enabling Community Engagement (14 minutes)

Katie Harper, Director, Project Neutral

The Quantified Sustainable Self (15 minutes)

Patrick Moody-Grigsby, Creative Director, Ayogo

Full Session: Gamifying Behavior Change — How to Engage Citizens Through Technology (56 minutes)

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