[INSIGHTS] APA Smart Cities and Sustainability Task Force

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The Smart Cities and Sustainability Task Force continues the focus on sustainability by addressing recent advances in technology and innovation to cultivate cities which are smarter, more resilient, and sustainable. The Task Force, which is a collaborative initiative between the Sustainable Communities, Technology, and Transportation Planning Divisions of the American Planning Association (APA), seeks to research and report on how technology advances are changing the field of planning and our communities, identify best practices, and demonstrate how planners can lead on these important changes.

The Task Force Goals are to:

  1. Anticipate and prepare for trends and emerging issues and communicate their implications.
  2. Generate the big ideas to advance our communities.
  3. Educate the public and community leaders through documentation of best practices and increase their use by planners, citizens and elected officials.

After working with MetroQuest on a project in Erie Pennsylvania, Co-Chair Robert Kerns invited MetroQuest President Mike Walsh to join the task force. As an expert in the field of digital engagement, Mike has been working with the team to create online surveys and ideation tools. In addition, Mike participated in the Task Force presentation at the APA National Conference in Seattle and contributed to the recently released Task Force Report.

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