[WEBINAR] 10 Tips for Successful Online Engagement Every Time

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Transportation agencies of all kinds, from DOTs to MPOs and transit agencies, face many challenges when it comes to public involvement. This new webinar recording showcases three case studies that together create a framework for successful online community engagement that can be easily followed by others.

You’ll learn about a creative county, an innovative MPO, and a leading transportation planning firm who collaborated to engage 12,000 residents on three transportation projects. Join Amy Elmore from Pasco County, Johnny Wong from Hillsborough MPO, and Jim Meyer from AECOM as they share proven tips for effective online public involvement. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the key tips highlighted in the webinar.

1. Start online public involvement early.

The three case studies effectively demonstrate the benefits of beginning your community engagement as early as possible, well before key decisions have been made. They discuss the types of survey questions best suited for early engagement to uncover key community priorities and issues.

2. Engage the community in phases.

The presenters demonstrate how early community engagement results were used to inform and support a second phase of online engagement to allow planners to hone in on a specific recommendations based on initial community priorities. Engaging in phases ensures that the final plan will meet community needs.

3. Ask survey questions to uncover public priorities.

The webinar dives into the types of survey questions that are most appropriate for collecting the most actionable public input possible to inform a planning project. In particular, the value of priority ranking questions is highlighted as it generates valuable data that can inform policy directions for both the current planning process as well as subsequent initiatives.

4. Promote via multiple channels to boost public participation.

The webinar presenters shared a wide range of valuable tips on how to promote online community engagement surveys, including innovative Facebook campaigns and a wide range of other online and traditional channels for maximum reach. These strategies reveal how underrepresented populations can be effectively targeted to ensure broad outreach.

5. Monitor online community engagement results and retarget.

Closely related to multi-channel promotions, the case studies demonstrate how early public engagement results can be monitored to identify possible gaps so that subsequent public outreach efforts can focus on filling in any missing segments of the community.

Watch the on-demand webinar today for five additional tips! Over 800 planners and public participation professionals registered for this popular webinar. If you missed it, you can still explore these exceptional case studies to learn how outstanding community engagement results are possible on every project. This on-demand webinar will help guide agencies to engage thousands of people online and collect real, actionable community input to support their plans.

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