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Chicago Millennium Bean

[Webinar] Public Engagement at All Scales CMAP’s Winning Recipe

Find out how Chicago’s award-winning MPO is engaging at all scales using an innovative approach to online public involvement in partnership with 284 local communities. The CMAP team takes you inside their approach to online engagement for OnTo2050.

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Michelle Nance, Centralina COG

[Case Study] Centralina COG Engages Over 8,350 Residents!

Centralina COG uses online engagement to reach their community and deliver results that represent the public’s opinion. They have engaged over 8,390 residents, collected more than 91,950 data points and captured over 5,200 comments.

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[eBook] MPO Report: Public Involvement Trends That Matter

Public involvement practices are rapidly evolving. In parallel with the 2018 AMPO Annual Conference, MetroQuest surveyed planners and public participation professionals to uncover how 170+ of today’s MPOs are approaching engagement.


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