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MPO REPORT Public Involvement Trends That Matter

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MPO REPORT Public Involvement Trends That Matter

Find out how 170+ MPOs are involving the public to inform better transportation planning!

Public involvement practices are rapidly evolving. In parallel with the AMPO Annual Conference, MetroQuest surveyed planners and public participation professionals to uncover how today’s MPOs are approaching engagement.

What did the “Public Involvement Matters” survey uncover? Today’s MPO outreach efforts are far outpacing basic regulatory requirements, but not without challenges to overcome.

In this report, you’ll learn common issues, evolving methods, and the top priorities for today’s MPOs. Explore the results today for new and proven ideas that your MPO can leverage to increase the success of your public involvement programs.

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  • How MPOs face 3 common public involvement challenges
  • The top 5 MPO priorities to improve citizen engagement
  • How to increase participation by engaging residents on their terms
  • Whether your MPO is using the top 3 engagement methods
  • What types of planning projects can benefit from public involvement