[INSIGHTS] Top 50 Vendors for Local Governments

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For local government agencies it can be a daunting task to keep track of the myriad of firms specializing in products and services to fulfill their needs. Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) understand this challenge well. That’s why they conducted an extensive voting process to compile a ranking of the Top 50 Local Government Vendors.

Agencies will find a terrific assortment of online tools, community engagement software and other technology products and services that have been vetted by local governments. Check out the feedback from local government clients for companies that made the Top 10.

“As resources shrink for local governments, the decision to select the right company to design a website, assist with public engagement, or manage a public works project, becomes increasingly important. ELGL wants to make that decision easier. We want our members to engage the best companies in solving their local government’s biggest challenges. The ELGL Choice Award identified the best 50 companies in local government by soliciting input from our membership of over 1,200.” Kent Wyatt, Co-Founder, ELGL 

MetroQuest is thrilled to have been ranked #3 and we are very grateful to our clients for their support.

“Our goal is to provide the most effective online community engagement software for local and state government agencies. The fact that so many of them voted for us in this process and the positive testimony that they offered is deeply gratifying.” Mike Walsh, President, MetroQuest

The ELGL included written testimonials from MetroQuest clients to illustrate the nature of the responses that were received.

“MetroQuest landed near the top of the list because of the overwhelmingly positive experience of their clients.” Kent Wyatt, Co-Founder, ELGL 

About ELGL

ELGL is a big tent local government organization with the mission of connecting, communicating, and educating about local government topics. ELGL is the only professional association in the country that encourages membership from all areas of the government arena.

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