[WEBINAR] A Recipe for Award-Winning Online Community Engagement Featuring SNS

City of Henderson NV

This highly visual 45-minute webinar presents research findings, proven best practices, practical tips and award-winning case studies to guide agencies towards the successful application of online community engagement for planning projects. Participants walk away with an understanding about how to leverage digital engagement to achieve unprecedented results using cost-effective tools.

The webinar showcases a wide range of outstanding planning projects from Nevada, Colorado and Idaho. Our special guests from the City of Henderson, NV join us to talk about Southern Nevada Strong project, one of the most innovative and successful outreach efforts we’ve ever seen. As this year’s recipients of the APA National Award for Outstanding Public Outreach, they discuss the innovative ways they combined online and targeted face to face community engagement to involve over 70,000 community members to help plan the region. They also share advice for agencies seeking to improve the diversity and effectiveness of their community engagement efforts and talk about the positive difference that broad community support is making as they move forward.

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This webinar featured two presenters: Dave Biggs from MetroQuest and Lisa Corrado from the City of Henderson.

Participant Comments

Thanks so much for the great comments and kudos. Here’s some of our favorites:
“Exemplary project presentation and “How-To” regarding the Public Participation/Open Process.” “The presentation was well crafted and interesting.”
“Great webinar for public outreach. Very interesting. The tool looks very effective!”
“One of the better webinars I’ve heard. Graphics were great.”
“Great webinar. Really good info, efficient, relevant to my work.”
“Interesting, upbeat, helpful as we will be writing a comp plan over the next two years.”
“I really enjoyed this webinar and found it very useful and timely. It was a very visual presentation and I plan to look back at it again.”
“Public engagement has always been a tough job. This webinar was great – highlights quickly what is working”

Average rating: 4.75/5 stars

[Wow, thanks!]

AICP CM Credits

Here is the direct link to claim your AICP credits from the APA. Note that the date trips people up. This webinar is part of a series so they instructed us to set it up as an “on-demand” session so you’ll notice that the start and end are a year apart.

APA Award Video for Public Outreach

Here is a great video that the APA produced to showcase Southern Nevada Strong – Breaking Barriers Through Public Outreach.

Bonus Case Study: NashvilleNext

Mentioned briefly in the webinar, this case study of the NashvilleNext process shows why they were the 2016 winners of the APA 2016 National Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan.


We answered all of the questions during the webinar but this one came in by email.
Q: MetroQuest looks interesting. How can we get more information?
A: [From Dave] I apologize for not being able to provide more in-depth information about MetroQuest due to the educational nature of this session. The best place to start would be to connect with Derek Warburton at MetroQuest (by email to derek.warburton@metroquest.com, or toll free phone: 1 855-215-0186. Derek will be pleased to make sure you get the information you need. In the meantime, here is a quick video to give you a better sense of the software.

Many thanks for joining us!

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