Public Engagement Jackpot | How Your Agency Can Win Big

Reno, Nevada

I was recently joined by the enthusiastic and bubbly Truckee Meadow Regional Planning Agency team, and I’m thrilled to share their amazing success story!! We truly had a great time putting this webinar together.

Learn how TMRPA in Nevada is making its own luck by going online to engage 1000s. This on-demand webinar offers a detailed look inside the strategies that have made them so successful.

The stakes are high in planning for regional growth in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County. Truckee Meadows RPA reveals the winning strategy for online public engagement! They show the use of resident survey data in action, providing a clear path to game-changing regional plans.

Jeremy Smith shares how TMRPA used public engagement to build broad public support for infill development in core areas to stop the sprawl. Lauren Knox tells us how they used 53,290+ survey data points to inform their 20-year Truckee Meadows Regional Plan.


Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar to explore effective ways to:

  • Foster inter-agency collaboration with unified engagement
  • Gamify public engagement to create a great online experience
  • Use a multi-phase engagement approach to guide citizens in planning
  • Build resident support and buy-in for transformative scenarios

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