[TIPS] How to Create a Compelling Brand for Your Project

woman at desk working on public engagement branding

Good branding makes people excited to get involved and will garner more interest and sharing on social media networks. Good brands get recognized and spread – bad brands don’t.

So what makes for a good brand?


Explicitly communicate what’s in it for them. Be memorable and make things easy to understand. Use plain English with simple spelling and avoid technical jargon. Make sure your brand clearly relates to the project.


Good branding connects with audiences on an emotional level. Create a gut response that will drive people to get involved in your project.


To stand out from the crowd and attract attention, your project needs to cut through the distraction of our modern everyday lives.

For example, consider a catchy URL for your project’s website. This can be a separate website or a vanity URL that will redirect visitors to your existing site. A memorable site name will stick with people. This leads to more word-of-mouth marketing and engagement.


Projects with high levels of engagement have a thorough understanding of the demographics of their community, what their interests are and how they communicate. Craft your brand and communications strategy around these aspects.


Create a brand voice that communicates effectively and builds a relationship with your community. Traits like confidence, endearment and excitement will help attract attention to your project.

Keep these principles in mind when crafting your project’s name, logo, communications strategy and overall “look and feel”. All these will lead to a memorable brand and an increase in engagement. Read more tips about branding and promoting your project in our free guidebook.

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