Florida DOT District 1 Selects MetroQuest to Engage Thousands of Residents Online in Planning Their Transportation Future

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The Florida Department of Transportation District 1 joins a dozen DOTs in selecting MetroQuest as their online public engagement survey platform to educate and engage thousands of residents in planning.

Vancouver, BC, May 8, 2020 MetroQuest, the leader in online public engagement surveys for urban and transportation planning by government agencies and firms, welcomes the Florida Department of Transportation District 1 (FDOT) as a new subscriber. The Sunshine State, with its year-round mild climate, has unique opportunities to move people and goods via multiple modes, making FDOT responsible for a growing transportation system that includes highways/streets, air, rail, sea, spaceports, transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The planning team at FDOT has big plans to engage thousands of residents over the next 12 months with a series of MetroQuest surveys on transportation projects across the state, from corridor studies to regional transportation plans.

“We expect to see great public engagement this year throughout Florida, and welcome the entire planning team to MetroQuest,” said Mike Walsh, MetroQuest President and CEO.

“Formidable transportation agencies, like Florida DOT, are making major infrastructure investments and are showing true commitment to meaningfully engaging residents in planning. Transportation planners are turning to MetroQuest to broaden engagement online by involving thousands of residents.”

“Florida joins a dozen state departments of transportation who rely on MetroQuest surveys to engage the public, including Colorado DOT, Georgia DOT, Idaho DOT, Kansas DOT, Maine DOT, Minnesota DOT, New Hampshire DOT, North Carolina DOT, Oklahoma DOT, South Carolina DOT, Texas DOT, and Virginia DOT. We look forward to having Florida DOT’s senior planners join our discussions at MetroQuest DOT Roundtables in the coming months.”

MetroQuest is the only online public engagement platform that is purpose-designed for transportation planning. In recent years, MetroQuest surveys have rapidly become the online public engagement solution of choice for the nation’s largest transportation agencies, including: more than 25% of the nation’s State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), 50 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs), and many transit agencies for America’s most populated cities, including the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Many of the nation’s preeminent planning consulting firms – including WSP, VHB, Kimley-Horn, Freese and Nichols, and Michael Baker International – also rely on MetroQuest surveys to deliver millions of data points in public input to support data-driven transportation planning for the hundreds of agencies they serve.

“We’re thrilled to see great public engagement continuing to take place safely across the country. In a recent webinar, we celebrated how the South Carolina DOT engaged over 13,000 residents online, collecting broad public input for their most recent update of their Long Range Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan,” noted Mike Walsh. “Also in a recent interview, Public Information Officer Adrienne Heim shared how the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency collected valuable public input from 8,100 survey participants to support the city’s Central Subway Extension Alternatives Study.”

MetroQuest surveys are highly visual, engaging, and educational. They are purpose-designed to involve thousands of residents in urban and transportation planning. State departments of transportation, regional planning agencies, local governments, and their consulting firms rely on MetroQuest to optimize online public engagement. With annual subscriptions, agencies can launch unlimited surveys to engage the public in planning, maximize participation, collect informed input, and gain actionable results to better build data-driven plans that enhance livability and move more people.

About MetroQuest (by Envision Sustainability Tools, Inc.)

MetroQuest is North America’s #1 online public engagement solution for transportation and urban planning. Government agencies and planning firms of all sizes trust MetroQuest to engage thousands of people while obtaining informed input and actionable results to support data-driven planning and investment decisions.


For more information about MetroQuest, visit www.metroquest.com.

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