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MetroQuest Data Center

Collect quantifiable public input that’s reliable for results you can trust.

MetroQuest is optimized to give decision makers the confidence they need to make critical public investment decisions. That means both quantity and quality – engaging thousands of people from a broad demographic and collecting quantifiable, trustworthy input to better support urban and transportation planning decisions.

What MetroQuest Customers Are Saying

Gain actionable insights.

It’s hard to turn discussions at public meetings into actionable feedback for your plans. MetroQuest collects quantifiable results to inform better decisions and get plans approved.


General public sentiment about a project is interesting. Taking it further … getting very specific input on preferences and priorities can support better planning decisions.


It can take a lot of time and effort to draw conclusions from pages of online forum discussions. Public answers to quantitative questions instantly turn to real-time data.


While word clouds are nice, colorful charts and graphs make it easy for decisions makers to instantly zone in on public priorities. Dashboards deliver interactive access to results.


The quality of the final data is critical to the success of public engagement initiatives. MetroQuest results are optimized to deliver confidence in making the right civic investments.

Make sure public involvement delivers clear outcomes!

Public involvement can take a lot of time and effort. It’s important the results effectively support your plans.

Feeling discouraged by declining participation at public meetings, planners are going online, only to become overwhelmed. Reams of public discourse in online forums are hard to summarize, while likes and comments in social media are hardly defensible. If it’s challenging to make sense of, or interpret, the results, how can they support your plans? MetroQuest online surveys deliver thousands of data points summarized in colorful dashboards.

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MetroQuest surveys deliver thousands of actionable data points to better support decision makers and win over elected officials for your planning projects.

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Get real-time results

Explore dashboards

Make better decisions

Impress elected officials

Get plans approved

“Thousands of data points have just become a customary result when working with MetroQuest on our projects. That increased volume of participation increases confidence in the results, and makes our planning process go that much more smoothly. It’s adding value to the communities that we’re working with.”

– Stephen Stansbery, Vice President, Kimley-Horn and Associates

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