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MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Springfield City Plan – Stage 4 – Tradeoff Screen

Gamify public participation in planning so people learn while answering.

MetroQuest brings planners and citizens on the same page by simplifying public participation in complex planning projects. It’s optimized to educate the public and quickly collect informed input that’s reliable. Participants can see the impact of their choices in mini games to learn about planning alternatives and trade-offs based on their own priorities.

What MetroQuest Customers Are Saying

Weave in planning education.

People simply don’t read long project documents before answering surveys. MetroQuest brings microlearning moments to each question, so you can capture informed public input!


Planning jargon can leave the public confused. Inviting people to instead select a picture of either a buffered or stripped bike path conveys the nuances, making the options clear.


By interactive, we don’t mean clicking “C – more parking” in a text-based survey. That’s dull. It’s more engaging to zoom on a map and drag markers to suggest new parking locations.


Lengthy project PDFs and text-based surveys can feel like homework. Make it fun to “learn while answering” with pop-ups, scenario rankings, visual preferences, and star ratings!


Planners can’t fund all projects. MetroQuest gamifies budgeting to foster appreciation for tradeoffs. Given a finite pile of coins, participants must prioritize their preferred investments.

Don’t leave your civic surveys to monkeys!

Urban and transportation planning is complex. Text surveys don’t convey the nuances. Plus, they’re boring.

When it comes to engaging the public on multifaceted initiatives – like comprehensive plans or transportation projects – multiple choice data can fail when scrutinized by public officials. Constraints and tradeoffs must be well understood by the public for their input to be meaningful. MetroQuest is the only public survey tool purpose-designed for planning. It weaves in planning education, gamifies learning, and collects informed public input you can trust!

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If you’re serious about collecting informed input, it’s time to make public engagement fun! Use MetroQuestto embed and gamify education within your online surveys.

Simplify planning

Eliminate jargon

Think beyond text

Collect informed input

Get plans approved

Improve public trust

“Because informed input is the greatest kind of input, the tool is designed to educate the public about a project and then quickly collect their informed feedback. What we’ve seen is that incorporating online citizen engagement has been a resounding success so far”

– Jefferson Grimes, Director of Public Involvement, TxDOT

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