About Genèse Castonguay

A dynamic 20-year marketing professional, Genèse is excited to be Vice President of Marketing at MetroQuest, where her personal goal is to first educate every planner and public engagement practitioner about the advantages of online public participation, and second, to celebrate major wins by empowering MetroQuest users to share their exceptional success stories.

[SUCCESS] Colorado DOT Launches MetroQuest Survey to Involve the Public in Statewide Transportation Planning

We are thrilled to welcome the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as the newest member of the MetroQuest community. CDOT is responsible for the transportation network in the eighth fastest growing state. With so much change occurring, CDOT takes public involvement seriously and is wasting no time in making use of MetroQuest. The team [...]

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[INSIGHTS] MPO Report: Public Involvement Trends that Matter

Public involvement best practices are rapidly evolving. How can you ensure your Metropolitan Planning Organization is keeping pace with public involvement trends? In parallel with the AMPO Annual Conference, MetroQuest surveyed planners and public participation professionals to uncover how today’s MPOs are approaching engagement. The trends in this report were generated by 170+ MPO [...]

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[SUCCESS] Celebrating This Year’s Public Engagement Success Stories

Congratulations to all of the planners and public participation professionals who achieved outstanding public engagement this year! With MetroQuest surveys, you collected millions of data points to inform better transportation and urban plans to create better places for us to live, work, and play. As we approach the holidays, we love to celebrate great [...]

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[CONFERENCE] Ask MetroQuest About MPO Public Involvement Trends at AMPO

Are you attending the 2018 AMPO Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas next week? If yes, please visit the MetroQuest team! As Silver Sponsors this year, we’ve got lots in store ... including the latest trends in public involvement. While Metropolitan Planning Organizations are mandated to involve the public in transportation planning, their outreach [...]

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[MEET METROQUEST] Mike Walsh, Chief-Executive-Officer

Welcome to the first of our new blog series entitled “Meet MetroQuest!” In this series, we’ll introduce the exceptional people who make up the MetroQuest team. We’re passionate about online public engagement, leading edge government technology, and delivering the best solutions to ensure citizens are involved in the planning of great cities. This blog series is [...]

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[WEBINAR] Best in Show: Public Participation at APA NPC18

Get the key takeaways and discover new insights from 34 sessions on public engagement at APA NPC18! Did you miss some of the 34 fabulous sessions on public participation at APA's 2018 National Planning Conference in New Orleans? This fast paced 30-minute webinar features insights from three planning veterans freshly back from the conference. Join [...]

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[INSIGHTS] Gartner Advises Citizen Engagement is Critical

At last month’s Gartner Symposium and ITxpo, Gartner explained why citizen engagement is critical to the success of smart cities. Making a city smart goes beyond optimizing traffic patterns and parking availability. Today, smart city planning is much less about technology and much more about people. "The way forward is a community-driven, bottom-up approach [...]

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