Transforming Public Apathy to Revitalize Engagement

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TXDOT highway

[Case Study] TxDOT Involves Over 7,700 Texans in Planning!

Learn why TxDOT relies on online public engagement as the hook to involve the public in a wide variety of transportation planning projects across the state.

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people yelling at each other over public discourse

[eBook] 21 Tips to Detox Public Engagement

Facing Contention? Over 100 public engagement practitioners share 6 key factors to successful engagement and proven ways to gain community support.

Michelle Nance, Centralina COG

[Case Study] Centralina COG Engages Over 8,350 Residents!

Centralina COG used online engagement to engage 8,390+ residents and collect 91,950+ data points to inform better planning and help the region grow and prosper.

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