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Facing Contention: 21 Tips to Detox Public Engagement

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Facing Contention: 21 Tips to Detox Public Engagement

Facing contention?


Learn 21 ways to detoxify public engagement!

If you feel like you’re facing increasing tensions in your public engagement processes, you are not alone. Across the country, the climate of public discourse has been shifting dramatically. Planners and public engagement practitioners working for government agencies and their consulting firms increasingly find themselves on the front lines of highly polarized debates.


6 Key Success Factors for Positive Outreach

At the 2017 International Association for Public Participation Annual Conference, MetroQuest lead a workshop that drew together 100 of most skilled and talented public engagement practitioners. This eBook outlines the most common themes for success offered during that session to effectively mitigate tensions with constructive and meaningful public outreach.

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  • Create a safe place
  • Engage the masses
  • Weave in education
  • Share outcomes compassionately