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The Art and Science of Virtual Public Engagement for Transportation Planning

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Educational Credit: 1.0 (APA AICP CM)

Learn how to create delightful surveys that engage 1000s and deliver the results you need to support a wide range of transportation plans!

With the COVID-19 pandemic complicating traditional outreach, online surveys have come to the forefront as safe, effective measures for engaging a large and diverse audience. The road to success with online surveys is part art and part science. This webinar explores both by unbundling the most successful case studies and what made them so effective.

In this webinar, community engagement experts Dave Biggs and Chris Gravel tackle the big question of what makes an effective online survey that supports transportation planning projects. They will drill down into the elements of a great survey, including how to focus on questions and content that truly matters to both the public and your technical team and tips for building a survey that drives exceptional participation.

They’ll use exceptional real-life examples of surveys from DOTs, MPOs, cities and leading consulting firms to demonstrate techniques for collecting informed and relevant input even on the most complex transportation planning topics, the mechanics of leveraging social media to engage difficult to reach audiences, and explore strategies for using survey data to assist decision makers and support your plans.

This deep-dive session is the best way to get up-to-date on great survey design, showing you how the most effective teams use online surveys support important transportation planning decisions and how online tools can be used to achieve exceptional community engagement during the pandemic and beyond!

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Great survey design that engages participants and takes off virtually
  • Gathering relevant data for technical teams and decision makers
  • Embedding microlearning to ensure that public input is informed
  • Strategies to go beyond the usual suspects and diversify participation
  • Techniques to report back on survey results quickly and effectively
Average rating: 4.3/5

Dave Biggs and Chris Gravel exceeded my expectations on presenting practical, real-life, experiences to engage communities in transportation planning.

High-quality public engagement training, much needed at the present time! Thank you!

I love this topic. I believe community surveys are a highly effective tool for planners integration public input about the community that can then be incorporated into short term and long term policy goals.

Very glad I registered. I feel that you both are extremely knowledgeable and were very clear and concise in communicating all aspects of the project. Thank you so much for sharing your info and asking us and answering our questions. I felt included in the process and quite engaged.


Amy Luft

Communications Coordinator,

“Our first two MetroQuest surveys had 3,700 and 3,100 participants and we were really excited about those numbers and then the 11,700 just blew things out of the water.”


Melissa Holguin

Senior Project Manager,
Arellano Associates

We set records for LA Metro, absolutely. We were able to get into those underserved communities – that’s a really big deal… It’s something that everybody’s talking about.”


Jamille Robbins

Public Involvement Leader,
North Carolina DOT

“We had unprecedented levels of engagement across projects, including nearly 4,600 survey participants for our State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).”

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