COMPASS Gathers Input from 18,500+ Participants to Plan Future Transportation

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“We wanted to use the wisdom of the crowd to get a sense of how our residents see themselves in the future.”

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), an MPO in Southwest Idaho, needed input from their region to develop a long-range transportation plan that could support a rapidly growing population. Using a series of public engagement campaigns and 3 online surveys, the team achieved phenomenal results, gathering 500,000+ data points from 18,000+ citizens to help prioritize major transportation decisions to support the growth of the region. 

In this case study, Amy Luft, Communication Coordinator at COMPASS, goes into detail about the groundbreaking public engagement campaign, from the difficulty of conveying complicated planning tradeoffs and planning alternatives in an engaging way; to finding ways to educate the public and provide a streamlined, interactive and educational experience for participants; and allowing the team to adjust for different types of projects and ensure residents had the opportunity to weigh in at multiple points during the planning process.

How did COMPASS achieve such phenomenal results, including record-breaking first-day numbers? Watch the 3-minute interview with Amy and read the full story!

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