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For more than 25 years MetroQuest has been at the leading edge of innovation and best practices for effective, inclusive public involvement for DOTs, MPOs, regional transportation agencies, and firms. Today, we are delighted to announce that MetroQuest has been acquired by Social Pinpoint, a leading provider of innovative solutions for community engagement.

As a provider of a market-leading survey tool across North America, we are aware of the technological, social and communication trends that continue to shape our industry. MetroQuest recognizes the industry is moving to multifunction public engagement platforms that offer more tools and flexibility for customers.

“MetroQuest is a company built on enabling great community engagement outcomes. To ensure we can continue to provide customer value we have been seeking a partner to help MetroQuest evolve from a single tool provider and become part of an industry-leading platform solution. We are pleased to announce that we have found such a partner in Social Pinpoint,” explained Mike Walsh, President and Chief Executive Officer of MetroQuest.

Since 2013, Social Pinpoint has grown spectacularly to become the platform of choice for comprehensive public engagement internationally. With 35+ tools (and counting), Social Pinpoint is consistently investing in its technology so that clients can adapt their approach for every project, constantly grow their capabilities, and stay at the cutting edge of digital engagement.

“Our vision at Social Pinpoint is to create comprehensive digital solutions that cater to the diverse needs of public engagement professionals globally,” shared Craig Chudleigh, Chief Executive Officer of Social Pinpoint. “Through this acquisition, we can offer an integrated platform that combines the best of both Social Pinpoint and MetroQuest, delivering even greater value to our combined customers. We are delighted to take this next step towards achieving our vision and providing customers with the tools they need to foster meaningful connections and drive impactful change in their communities.”

As a forward-thinking company, Social Pinpoint has always been at the forefront of transforming the way communities engage with various projects and initiatives. By combining forces with MetroQuest, Social Pinpoint aims to revolutionize the public engagement landscape, enabling organizations to gather valuable insights, facilitate valuable collaboration, and deliver outcomes that incorporate the diverse perspectives of the community.

MetroQuest established and set a precedent for high-quality and thoughtful digital engagement. Social Pinpoint will continue to carry that legacy forward and evolve the values and principles of MetroQuest to build the next generation of engagement tools.

The integration of MetroQuest’s powerful visual survey with Social Pinpoint’s existing suite of tools will provide an all-encompassing platform that caters to the diverse needs of public engagement professionals. This unified solution will enable users to further streamline the entire engagement process, from initial planning and outreach to data collection and analysis, in a seamless and efficient manner.

Together, MetroQuest and Social Pinpoint remain committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, and this acquisition is a testament to that commitment. Existing and future customers can expect even greater value from the integrated platform, as it combines the strengths and expertise of two industry leaders.

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About Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint is a leading provider of community engagement solutions, specializing in empowering organizations to foster meaningful connections with their communities. With an extensive suite of digital engagement tools built to enhance public participation, clients can inform decision-making, encourage diversity and inclusion, and eliminate participation barriers to drive better project outcomes.

Social Pinpoint is owned and operated by MySite, a specialized global, software company with a focus on the Community and Stakeholder Engagement space. MySite’s leading solutions of Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager, a market-leading Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM), help organizations manage their entire community and stakeholder engagement process, from initial discovery to final delivery.



What does this mean for existing MetroQuest clients?

For current clients of MetroQuest, you will continue to leverage the platform you have grown accustomed to and trust. This means, your day-to-day will not be changing, and you will continue to receive unparalleled client service and support.

What is potentially more exciting is that Social Pinpoint opens up immense opportunities to expand your public engagement efforts and align with a comprehensive engagement platform. Some of this innovative functionality includes:

  • Surveys: Social Pinpoint already provides advanced survey technology with a large array of question types, customization, and templates.
  • Pages: Easily create multiple pages, and sub-pages, with different templates, that all work to seamlessly enhance and blend in with your organization’s brand.
  • Smoother Workflows: With Social Pinpoint, you can take advantage of in-built workflows to instantly increase internal collaboration and streamline the approval process.
  • Capture Ideas and Stories: Create captivating projects that capture the ideas and stories of your community through effective storytelling and ideation practices.

As a current MetroQuest customer, upon request, you can get access to a full-featured trial site of Social Pinpoint.

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