[CONFERENCE] See You at SOUL 2018 – Canadian Institute of Planners

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Soul 2018 Conference

[CONFERENCE] See You at SOUL 2018 – Canadian Institute of Planners

Meet MetroQuest at SOUL 2018 Next Week

Are you planning to attend SOUL 2018 next week?  Let’s plan to meet in Winnipeg at this year’s Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) National Conference. At SOUL 2018, the program will challenge all of us to reflect on what SOUL means to the Planning Community across Canada, to mesh practical with thoughtful, through the lens of this dynamic city and regional landscapes.

Stop by booth #21 for a demo to find out what’s new at MetroQuest!  

I’m especially excited as the City of Winnipeg engaged over 2,600 citizens in just one day using MetroQuest! Make sure to attend their session “Hitting the Streets! Improving Active Transportation Planning through Dynamic Engagement” featuring key City staff and consulting partner Urban Systems. They have been doing amazing work leveraging the power of online engagement through a diverse range of projects.

If you don’t plan to attend SOUL 2018, you can simply watch Winnipeg’s recent CIP webinar entitled “How to Build Communities: Listen to Them”.

I hope to see you in Winnipeg!

Chris Gravel

Chris has over 15 years experience as a Business Development and Account Management professional in both software and information services markets. He is passionate about both the environment and public engagement, and he is always happy to make the connection between the two issues at hand.

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