[AWARD] MetroQuest Wins Top 10 Citizen Relationship Solution Provider Award

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Government CIO Outlook has selected MetroQuest as a Top 10 Citizen Relationship Solution Provider.

Government CIO Outlook is a technology magazine that focuses on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for CIOs to deliver technology-driven services and operations. A distinguished panel – comprised of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, alongside the Government CIO Outlook editorial board – recently reviewed and shortlisted the top companies at the forefront of tackling citizen relationship management challenges.

CIO Gove Award

We’re honored to win this prestigious award and to have MetroQuest recognized as a vital online public engagement tool for today’s government agencies to nurture better citizen relationships.

With public trust in government under constant pressure, MetroQuest surveys help agencies foster positive relationships by involving citizens in planning for better transportation networks and more livable cities to improve their quality of life.

MetroQuest surveys have been used by hundreds of agencies of all sizes to engage thousands of citizens online. The latest edition of Government CIO Outlook featured an article on the Texas Department of Transportation success story. Learn how the team at TxDOT has used MetroQuest to engage over 6,600 citizens to improve transportation planning and build new infrastructure to meet the true needs of Texans.

“Let’s face it, our attention span is directly proportioned to how interesting whatever we are focusing on at the moment is,” said Jefferson Grimes, Director, Public Engagement, TxDOT. “Online engagement provides the hook, so to speak, needed to capture the public’s attention. Constituents are able to provide input in a meaningful manner and on issues that are important to them and do it quickly, at their own convenience.” Read our TxDOT case study ⟶

We’d like to congratulate TxDOT and all MetroQuest subscribers on their outstanding public engagement work in 2018! We wish you much continued success this year.

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