[TIPS] Why Being Mobile-Friendly Is So Important

woman on bus with cell phone taking online public engagement survey

In recent years we have witnessed the explosive growth of internet users on mobile devices around the world. In 2015, there were more Google searches on mobile than on desktops for the first time. 47% of Facebook’s 1.55 billion users only use it on their phone. Our own results point to this growing trend as…

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[TIPS] Top 4 Answers: What Does Better Public Engagement Mean?

group of people speaking out for public engagement

In the past few months, the public engagement community has ramped up dialogue about how to measure success. It’s a tricky question since metrics like miles per gallon are hard to find in the “social sciences.” A great place to begin in any such exercise is to clearly define what success means so we decided…

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[WEBINAR] Engaging Disadvantaged People in Planning

mother and daughter using laptop to fill out online public engagement survey

The best public involvement is inclusive and increasingly it is being enforced as a requirement of planning efforts. At the same time, technology is changing the way we communicate. In response, the use of online public engagement is rapidly expanding, whether it’s on your laptop at home, kiosks in the community center or the smartphone…

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[TIPS] What Motivates Civic Engagement?

group of people speaking up for public engagement

When we talked to over 100 agencies about their goals for improving their public engagement activities, increasing participation rates came out #1. That was enough to motivate us to look into motivation. We did some research into the most important motivators for civic engagement and here is what we learned. 1. Fear It turns out…

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[CONFERENCE] Presentation – AMPO 2015

girl upside down on couch with white brick with MetroQuest image rating

I recently gave a presentation “Go Viral – Best Practices for Online Public Engagement for MPO’s” at AMPO 2015, the annual conference for the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations. We had a great time in Las Vegas speaking with MPO staff and public communications experts. Above you’ll find a recording of my presentation, and you…

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[WEBINAR] Best Practices for Online Public Engagement for Transportation Agencies

highway with cars on it

This 42-minute video presents a series of case studies, best practices and tips to guide MPO’s and DOT’s towards the successful application of online public engagement for a variety of projects. Award-winning LRTP, STIP, TIP, NEPA, EIS, corridor, highway, transit, TOD and participatory budgeting projects that successfully leveraged innovative digital engagement are presented. From crowdsourcing…

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