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Optimizing Virtual Community Engagement to Build Public Support

Educational Credit: 1.0 (APA AICP CM)

Join us to learn the critical components of an effective public engagement strategy!

Building public support for your urban or transportation planning projects is critical to their success. An effective engagement process successfully generates high levels of participation and collects informed input from a broad range of respondents. This input ensures that your plan addresses community needs and protects your project from getting derailed due to a lack of public or stakeholder support.

Norma Hogan, Director of Client Services, and Dave Biggs, Chief Engagement Officer, are public engagement experts who have evaluated hundreds of successful case studies. In this webinar, they will draw from that experience and use high-performing case study examples to discuss the key ingredients for successful engagement campaigns. They will outline effective outreach strategies that drive interest and engagement from diverse audiences, and best practices for setting up online surveys that convert survey visitors to informed participants at a high rate. Our experts will also showcase how leading teams document and share public input to community members and project stakeholders. Panelists will end by addressing live audience questions.

High levels of public participation, the diversity of participants and the quality of the data collected are all crucial elements for successful planning projects. Join us to learn how to build broad public support for your plans!

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Gathering informed input to gain public support
  • Strategies for effective outreach that help your study take off
  • Tools and techniques for reaching diverse audiences
  • Great survey design that converts visitors to participants
  • Successful examples of DOT, MPO and RPO surveys
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Keep providing these webinars. I truly appreciate the efforts you do to keep us informed on the services you can provide.

Excellent information presented. Speakers provided great examples of effective ways to communicate virtually. Always a challenge

Always appreciate Metro Quest sharing their experiences and products for successful survey creation. Grateful for the libraries and templates they have created to allow the survey creator ease in realizing the ultimate product.

Learned some new things to consider in survey design!

Dave Biggs, MetroQuest

Dave Biggs

Chief Engagement Officer, MetroQuest

Dave is a die-hard champion of community engagement and has built a reputation for leading edge community outreach. He’s an internationally-recognized speaker, author, and public engagement strategist. Dave serves as an advisor on best practices for public involvement with planning agencies such as APA, FHWA, and TRB and public participation organizations such as IAP2 and NCDD.

Norma Hogan

Norma Hogan

Director of Client Services, MetroQuest

Norma oversees the customer support and customer experience teams. She has worked strategically with customers on hundreds of successful public engagement campaigns and continues to be excited to support customers in their online engagement efforts. Her focus is on the exciting work of customers in transportation and sustainability in the planning field.

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