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Optimizing Online Surveys for Diverse and Equitable Public Engagement

Educational Credit: 1.0 (APA AICP CM)

Learn how to design surveys for equitable engagement with examples from agencies across the US!

Fresh off the success of the Conference on Virtual Public Engagement for Transportation Planning, this webinar brings together experts on virtual public engagement to discuss the most effective strategies for designing surveys that support diverse and equitable participation. They will unpack how planners can utilize online surveys as part of a deliberate effort to build diversity, equity and inclusion.

Dave Biggs, Chief Engagement Officer at MetroQuest, will share some of his research on how diversity and inclusion are distinct and necessary elements for developing equity in the public participation and planning process. Emily Margitan and Gerard Penalosa, Customer Success Managers at MetroQuest, will discuss the tactics and strategies behind several online public engagement surveys that have been effective at supporting diverse and equitable participation. They’ll use exceptional examples from agencies such as Minnesota Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation, Oregon Metro, Texas Department of Transportation, and firms including WSP and Michael Baker International.

Join us for this deep dive into best practices for survey design and take home strategies that you can use on your next project to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion!

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Great survey design that supports diverse and equitable public engagement
  • The differences between equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Tactics for optimizing outreach into diverse or hard-to-reach communities
  • Real life examples from top agencies and firms
Average Rating: 4.4

Concepts well explained.

I really appreciated the best practices and case studies approach to creating successful surveys and how to move the project forward with the information rather than public involvement as a check mark in the project's requirements. I hope to introduce these steps into my projects soon.

Very good general information on surveys about obtaining diversity and inclusivity. Equity is tricky. it has some subjectivity associated with which voices receive more weight and why. Something that may be good for a larger demographic may be bad for a smaller - but more "meaningful" - demographic.

Dave Biggs, MetroQuest

Dave Biggs

Chief Engagement Officer,

Dave is a die-hard champion of community engagement and has built a reputation for leading edge community outreach. He is an internationally-recognized speaker, author, and public engagement strategist focusing on the use of software tools to enhance community participation for planning projects. Dave is honored to serve as an advisor on best practices for public involvement to many planning agencies such as the APA, FHWA, and TRB and public participation organizations such as IAP2 and NCDD.

Emily Margitan, Customer Success Manager, MetroQuest

Emily Margitan

Customer Success Manager,

As a primary contact for a subset of MetroQuest customers, Emily collaborates with software users to help them achieve their survey and broader engagement goals. Prior to her current role, Emily worked in public consultation and strategic communications, developing engagement plans and surveys for large infrastructure projects across British Columbia. She enjoys working closely with project teams to help them make the most of their MetroQuest surveys and has a particular interest in survey data analysis.

Gerard Penalosa, Customer Success Manager, MetroQuest

Gerard Penalosa

Customer Success Manager,

Gerard brings a creative approach in guiding customers to ensure successful surveys. He achieves this by reviewing the surveys through the lens of best practices and providing customer feedback. He has extensive technical experience working in various tech industries, and troubleshooting is second nature to him. Gerard's artistic eye allows him to visualize each customer's potential and support them with success in mind as he guides them in their public engagement path and journey with MetroQuest.

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