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Microlearning & Gamification: How to Optimize MetroQuest Surveys for Informed Public Input

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Explore how this year’s best surveys wove in education to collect quality public input!

Online surveys are a critical public engagement tool for planning agencies. Well-designed surveys can engage a broad demographic quickly and cost effectively.

Here’s the challenge: planning is complex and since the public doesn’t obsess about the choices and tradeoffs like the professionals do, effective public education is needed to ensure that the input gathered is informed and trustworthy. This is where gamification and microlearning come in.

From budgeting games to scenario exploration exercises, interactive online tools are proving both massively popular and powerfully instructive. The result is raising the game for public involvement for agencies across the country. Watch this on-demand webinar to explore this year’s most amazing public engagement surveys.


Get the quality public input your next plan deserves. In 45 minutes, we’ll explore how to:

  • Simplify public participation for complex planning projects
  • Embed microlearning to ensure that public input is informed
  • Avoid complex planning jargon by using images and graphics
  • Use the power of games to gain public appreciation for tradeoffs
  • Collect thousands of survey data points to support your next plan

Since SimCity 1.0, it’s been clear that games can be powerful learning tools. Today, microlearning is all the buzz. Residents won’t spend hours reading PDFs, but there are innovative, dynamic ways to embed learning into the survey experience. By examining exceptional case studies, you’ll learn how gamified and interactive online tools are proving to be fun and popular ways to engage and educate thousands of participants to collect informed input for planning projects.


Jefferson Grimes

Director of Public Involvement
Texas Department of Transporation

“Because informed input is the greatest kind of input, the tool is designed to educate the public about a project and then quickly collect their informed feedback.”


Stephen Stansbery

Vice President

“Thousands of data points have become a customary result with MetroQuest. That increased volume of participation increases confidence in the results.”


Corey Liles

Principal Planner
Town of Chapel Hill

"Some of our surveys have served as education tools. We’re using MetroQuest to present information and get public reactions to it. It helps explain concepts.”

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