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Forum on Equity and Public Engagement for Transportation Planning

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Equity in public planning is a top concern for 2021. Join your peers as we explore effective techniques!

Equitable outcomes in public decision-making is taking the spotlight in 2021. In this webinar forum, public engagement and equity experts join forces to highlight the most effective approaches for meaningful and diverse engagement for transportation planning that lead to actionable plans and more equitable communities.

Panelists Stephen Stansbery, AICP, National Mobility Practice Lead at Kimley-Horn & Associates, and Jamille Robbins, Public Involvement Group Leader at North Carolina DOT, are both well-known leaders with impressive track records in community engagement. Joining them are equity experts, Christine Edwards, MPA, Principal at Amplify Consulting, and Simone Robinson, Principal at Public Participation Partners, both with proven skills in fostering civically engaged communities and equitable approaches to community engagement and planning.

Our expert panel will help planners and engagement professionals identify and remove barriers to engagement, highlight successful case studies from the local to the state scale, and engage the audience with live polling and Q&A.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Effective strategies for diverse public engagement
  • Overcoming barriers and obstacles to broad community engagement
  • A participant-first approach to community engagement and equitable outcomes
  • Case studies demonstrating successful techniques and tools
Average rating: 4.57/5

This webinar clearly exceeded my expectations and encourages me to consider ways that our community can better our efforts at public engagement.

Wonderful technical information, brought equity engagement to a whole new level for me.

I am impressed with the diverse perspectives and case studies provided in the presentation. The key tips provided are excellent.

Really enjoyed the panel and the speakers!


Jamille Robbins

Public Involvement Leader,
North Carolina DOT

Jamille Robbins manages the Public Involvement Group and supervises public outreach for NCDOT. He has 20+ years of experience in project management, supervision, public speaking, meeting facilitation and administration. He educates staff for conducting public hearings and provides public outreach resources to the Project Development and Environmental Analysis Unit, Transportation Program Management, the Rail Division, the 14 Highway Divisions, and other units of NCDOT.


Simone Robinson

Principal, Public Participation Partners (P3)

Simone Robinson is an urban planner with over nine years of experience working on state and municipal projects. As Principal and co-founder of Public Participation Partners, Simone is dedicated to making sure that every project is met with an equitable approach to community engagement. During COVID-19, Simone has worked to offer accessible and equitable virtual engagement opportunities as well as implemented innovative and safe non-virtual outreach efforts to inform, involve, and empower all communities.


Stephen Stansbery

Mobility Practice Lead,
Kimley-Horn & Associates

Stephen leads Kimley-Horn’s national mobility planning practice, developing strategies for 21st century challenges. He is a specialist in corridor and scenario planning, public engagement, and complete streets guidelines. Stephen believes “modern cities don’t have the time or resources for plans that create more problems than the challenges they were designed to fix—if you’re not contemplating trade-offs, you’re not really planning.” He co-wrote the MetroQuest-led 100 Great Community Engagement Ideas.


Christine Edwards

Founder and Principal,
Amplify Consulting

A community leader and entrepreneur, Christine works to foster civically engaged communities through collaboration, partnership and digital communication. She founded Amplify Consulting in 2018, a company that delivers community engagement outreach services through collaboration, partnership and digital communication. Christine has been involved in local volunteer organizations focused on advancing racial equity in government, bridging the digital divide, and affordable housing.

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