Video – Meaningful Engagement for Environmental Justice Without Public Meetings

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[GUIDE] Promising Practices for EJ Methodologies

The Promising Practices report is a compilation identified by the EJ IWG as methodologies for environmental justice considerations in NEPA reviews.

[INSIGHTS] FHWA’s Virtual Public Involvement Spotlight

The Federal Highway Administration spotlights how agencies can increase meaningful public involvement by integrating virtual tools.

[CASE STUDY] Arellano Associates Sets Records in Public Engagement

Watch this 3-minute video to find out how Arellano broke public engagement records and achieved diversity that almost perfectly matched area demographics!

[INTERVIEW] LA Metro Engages 6,900+ for Bus Study!

Watch this 3-minute interview to learn how LA Metro got input from all voices representing the diversity of LA to build a transit plan that meets the needs of those who use it most.

[EBOOK] 12 Ways to Promote Your Online Survey Like a Pro

How can you engage thousands? The agencies and firms most successful at public involvement tell all. Explore 70+ tips to boost participation in your online survey!

[WEBINAR] LA Metro’s Path to Equity in Public Engagement

LA Metro shares how it overcame the digital divide and achieved diverse public participation, gaining input from 6,900+ residents for their NextGen Bus Study.

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