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MetroQuest is North America’s #1 choice to engage thousands of people. Governments and consultants trust MetroQuest to deliver visual online surveys that educate the public to collect informed input. The resulting actionable insights build support for the adoption of winning urban and transportation plans.

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MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Springfield City Plan – Stage 4 – Tradeoff Screen
Surveys for Planning

MetroQuest is the world’s only survey tool that is purpose-designed to meaningfully engage the public in urban and transportation planning.

Microlearning & Games

MetroQuest surveys include microlearning moments and mini games, like budgeting with coins, to collect informed public input.

Visual & Interactive

Visually engaging surveys – packed with images, interactive maps, and colorful buttons – create a fun online experience that’s truly unique.

MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Springfield City Plan – Stage 1 – Priority Ranking Screen

MetroQuest surveys are delightful across all devices – phones, tablets, kiosks. With no software nor app to download, participation skyrockets.

Short & Impactful

To optimize participation and completion rates, MetroQuest surveys are designed to take just 5 minutes for people to complete.


Engage thousands, launch unlimited surveys, and drive down your cost-per-participation with an annual subscription to MetroQuest.

Engage the public in 3 easy stages!

1. Set-Up

For all your outreach projects, use the intuitive MetroQuest Studio to set-up engaging public surveys that make people take notice!

2. Engage

Launch time! Use your MetroQuest survey to educate and delight citizens, maximizing informed input from a broad demographic.

3. Analyze

Explore your dashboard in MetroQuest Studio to monitor, analyze, and report on your engagement results. Genius!


1. Set-up your surveys in MetroQuest Studio. It’s easy!

Build visually engaging surveys.

When engaging the public on complex initiatives, like comprehensive or transportation plans, it can be challenging to help citizens understand the issues and to stimulate participation. Long, text-based surveys are never the answer.

With MetroQuest Studio, you can build visually compelling online surveys that get noticed and draw in participants. MetroQuest makes it easy to keep them engaged and educate them about your projects so you can collect informed input you can trust.

wman on couch taking online survey with laptop
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Belmont Bridge – Image Rating Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Central Subway Extension Alternatives – Map Marker Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Reimagining the Queen’s Bus Network – Budget Allocation Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan – Visual Preference Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Natick Master Plan – Priority Ranking Screen

Create delightful online experiences.

Mix and match up to 5 MetroQuest survey templates to gather input on visual preferences, scenarios, tradeoffs, priorities, or budgeting. Next, simply add your messages, pick colors, and upload images to create the perfect, customized online engagement experience for each project.

With your annual subscription, you can create unlimited MetroQuest surveys to engage citizens year-round and support all your outreach initiatives. The sky is the limit!

Explore all 14 MetroQuest survey templates.

We are digital public engagement pioneers. Over 21 years, we’ve perfected the art and science of online public engagement and baked industry best practices into 14 survey templates. Have a look!

Explore 14 Sample Surveys

2. Engage the public to maximize informed input.

Share your surveys to engage 1000s!

It’s time to go beyond the usual suspects and reach the traditionally silent majority to gain support for your plans. Your MetroQuest surveys make it easy to involve thousands of citizens online to uncover their priorities and preferences. Think big! It’s common to engage 1,000 to 10,000+ participants across a broad demographic to better represent your whole community. There are so many ways to share your surveys:

Email invitations

Social posts

Media outreach

Website adds and buttons

Pop-ups at events

Partner promotions

Woman filling out public engagement survey on phone

Thousands of data points have just become a customary result when working with MetroQuest on our projects. That increased volume of participation increases confidence in the results, and makes our planning process go that much more smoothly. It's adding value to the communities that we're working with.

– Stephen Stansbery, Vice President, Kimley-Horn

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3. Analyze your data for actionable results. Brilliant!

Trust your engagement results.

Let’s be frank, not all engagement tools deliver the same outcomes. It’s hard to trust the answers to simple text-based surveys. It’s also difficult to summarize reams of discussions in online forums.

You can depend on MetroQuest. It’s been designed through decades of research and used by millions of people. MetroQuest delivers both quantity and quality – collecting tens of thousands of quantifiable data points from informed citizens. That’s exactly what you want.

MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey – Engagement Results
MetroQuest Data Center

Get actionable insights.

MetroQuest Studio features interactive dashboards unique to each survey template, making it easy to explore and share your results. Colorful charts and graphs make you look like a pro!

The quality and effectiveness of your data is critical to the success of your public engagement initiatives. MetroQuest results are optimized to give leaders the confidence they need to make important data-driven decisions and get plans approved.

women at community kiosk

Who uses MetroQuest?

MetroQuest is used by hundreds of cities and government agencies as well as public involvement, planning, and engineering firms. With over 21 years of use on award-winning projects over five continents, MetroQuest has earned its recommendation as a best practice by the International Association for Public Participation, the American Planning Association, the Federal Highway Administration, the Transportation Research Board, and many others.

How do we detect ``ballot stuffing`` or other abuse?

Planning processes can be controversial and abuse is always a possibility. MetroQuest has tools and techniques to identify and help mitigate ballot stuffing in order to protect the integrity of the results. It’s very rare that people will take the survey more than once, but if it happens, these tools allow potential abuse to be easily recognized and nullified.

Where is the survey data stored? For how long?

Your survey data is always safe and secure. MetroQuest chose Microsoft Azure to satisfy your needs for data security. Azure meets international and industry-specific compliance standards. MetroQuest survey data is stored in-country using local Azure datacenters, and survey data is encrypted in transit and secured in Azure. All personal data provided by participants is stored in the US for US clients and in Canada for Canadian clients.  For access, you use Azure Active Directory to securely sign-in before designing engaging surveys, monitoring engagement, or analyzing data for actionable insights. All data collected by MetroQuest surveys is retained indefinitely, even after your project finishes so if you lose your final data reports, MetroQuest has got you covered.

Who provides the kiosks or iPads for our project?

There are many great third-party suppliers that rent or sell kiosks, iPads, and other hardware compatible with MetroQuest. If you have any difficulty finding one, please let us know. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Does MetroQuest support multiple languages?

Yes! We love inclusive engagement. MetroQuest has the capability to support multiple languages. You can set up as many languages as are needed for your community, allowing your participants to easily toggle to their preferred language when they begin.