Take community engagement online for all your urban planning projects.

Tired of looking at empty seats at your public meetings? Today’s urban planners are dealing with complex issues and increasing demands for transparency, equity and inclusion. It’s time to unlock the full power of online engagement to engage thousands of residents and build broad community support for all your urban planning projects.

MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Belmont Bridge – Image Rating Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Natick Master Plan – Priority Ranking Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Austin Strategic Mobility Plan – Priority Ranking Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Complete Drew Street – Map Marker Screen
MetroQuest Public Engagement Survey Fairfax County – Strategy Rating Screen

MetroQuest is the #1 rated community engagement survey tool for urban planning among local governments!

There’s a good reason it’s number one. MetroQuest is the only online engagement platform that is designed for urban planning. Its visual and interactive elements educate the public and gather informed input. It’s time to go beyond the vocal minority to support your projects with diverse and constructive community input. With MetroQuest you’ll consistently deliver outstanding engagement results.

Engage thousands for all your projects!

With an annual subscription, you can build unlimited MetroQuest surveys to broaden reach for all your urban planning projects:

Urban / city / rural / regional plans

Comprehensive visioning

Land use plans

Economic development plans

Environment and sustainability

Parks and recreation

And more!

“For me, MetroQuest makes it more exciting to do surveys. It’s a nice tool to use and looks very nice. It feels more exciting to approach survey design because MetroQuest is fun to use.”

– Corey Liles, Town of Chapel Hill

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