[MEET METROQUEST] Happy Holidays From All of Us!

MetroQuest staff holding Christmas cookies at staff party.

Happy holidays to you and your family from all your friends at MetroQuest!

We wanted to share some of our celebrations with you, so before you head off to enjoy your festivities, grab a glass of eggnog and share in the sweetness of the season.

This year, Heather wowed us all with a Secret Santa treat in the office … she made us amazing MetroQuest themed holiday cookies!

These cookies are still being talked about, especially with their unexpected hint of almond extract in the icing. Who would of thought that this subtle change would make such an impact. Heather was kind enough to share her recipe, so now you can enjoy them too!

This is a great cookie to add to your holiday baking traditions, or maybe even add a glass of milk and leave as a snack for a certain someone special this season.

Dave was so excited about these cookies that he even highlighted them in one of our recent webinars, Optimizing Online Engagement with MetroQuest.

We wish you all the best this holiday season! See you again in the New Year!

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