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The Virtual Public Involvement Checklist for Success

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101 questions to guide your team to success on every VPI project!  

How do you begin each new project? Which questions do you ask yourself?

Virtual public involvement (VPI) is here to stay. MetroQuest partnered with AMPO, AASHTO, TXDOT and COMPASS to reveal the stepping stones to successful VPI, vetted by peer-to-peer forums with DOTs, MPOs and planning and public involvement consulting teams from across the country.  

The VPI Checklist for Success offers 101 questions to consider through the planning, engagement and reporting phases of your next project. This guide encourages you to maximize your participation and diversity and highlights the best practices when designing the tools needed to achieve excellent results in your VPI approach! 

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  • How to implement successful strategies and practices to strengthen your VPI efforts
  • Encourage your team to zero in on the most critical factors in your project
  • How to approach the planning, engagement and reporting phases of VPI