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The Planner’s Guide to Equity in Public Engagement

Featuring our largest collaborative peer-to-peer effort to address equity.  

Diverse, inclusive and equitable public engagement is a growing priority in the planning industry. This Planner’s Guide was created with the help of over 1,400 agencies, leading consulting teams and industry associations across the US!

Packed with hard-won peer-to-peer advice, this is your guide to equitable engagement. We address the barriers and limitations of engaging hard-to-reach communities, and identify the most successful tools, strategies and implementation methods to address equity through exceptional public engagement.

In this guide, you will find personal testimonies, case studies, and practical techniques to apply in your next project for a more inclusive and meaningful public participation process!

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  • Develop an understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion through definitions by renowned leaders like Vernā Myers and Harvey Gantt
  • Recognize and overcome barriers that make it difficult for people to participate in public engagement activities
  • Address the key limitations that agencies and project teams face in their planning and engagement processes
  • Learn proven tools and techniques to increase diversity and equity in your public engagement and planning activities
  • Understand how to transform your team to implement equity-focused public engagement in all future projects