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Learn how agencies and planning firms are successfully engaging thousands of citizens!

You’ve designed a highly visual and interactive online survey to educate citizens about planning options and to collect informed, quantifiable public input. Now, how can you get thousands engaged?

We asked the agencies and firms who’ve been most successful with public involvement to share their best marketing secrets. Explore these 12 proven strategies and over 70 practical tips to promote your online survey like a pro!

Compelling online surveys combined with effective promotional strategies are the most cost-effective method for engaging hundreds to thousands of citizens quickly. Read this playbook today for new ways to reach the largest and broadest audience possible.

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  • 1 Build a Brand
  • 2 Use Compelling Messaging
  • 3 Drive Action!
  • 4 Build a Great Web Presence
  • 5 Be Social, It’s FREE
  • 6 Invest in Social Media
  • 7 Use Email to Assure Success
  • 8 Get Face-to-Face at Events
  • 9 Partner with Champions
  • 10 Share Print Materials
  • 11 Befriend the Media
  • 12 Offer Incentives