March 2016

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Dave speaking to angry crowd at public meeting

One of my pet peeves is how we fill conference programs and websites with the most successful case studies and we don't talk about our most potent learning experiences - when things went wrong. Maybe we just need a safe place to talk about these important learning opportunities. When things go wrong in public engagement, they can go spectacularly wrong. The result isn’t just frustration...

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Girl in Wheelchair at Desk using MetroQuest image preference screen

Ensuring that community engagement opportunities are open to all residents is not only the law, it's also good for planning. Incorporating a diversity of viewpoints improves plans, facilitates implementation, and frankly leads to better communities that meet the needs of all residents. Unfortunately too often the accessibility discussion doesn't get out of first gear. When it comes to ensuring open and inclusive public engagement, it's critical...

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highway intersection

This 41-minute video presents a series of case studies, best practices and tips to guide DOT’s towards the successful application of online public engagement for a variety of projects. Award-winning LRTP, STIP, TIP, NEPA, EIS, corridor, highway, transit, TOD and participatory budgeting projects that successfully leveraged innovative digital engagement are presented. From crowdsourcing platforms to interactive surveys to social media, the latest fleet of online...

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woman on tablet with MetroQuest visual preference screen

This webinar presents an overview of the MetroQuest Public Involvement Software to help both new and existing users get the best results from their online community engagement. The video covers the latest features, screen types, best practices and tips on everything from planning and promoting your site to analyzing and reporting the results. You’ll learn about award-winning case studies that successfully leveraged MetroQuest in innovative...

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