Project Description


Project: Route 340 Corridor Plan – Jefferson County, WV


Jefferson County Commission, Hagerstown MPO, West Virginia DOT

Project Partner

Michael Baker International


Jefferson County Commission, along with the Hagerstown MPO and WVDOT wanted to undertake a transportation and land-use project along the historic part of US Route 340 between Charles Town and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Consultant firm Baker International partnered with MetroQuest to build the tool and empower the public engagement and outreach. MetroQuest was selected due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness.

During Phase 1, the focus was on identifying priorities, travel origins and destinations, to collect suggested improvements and other input. MetroQuest was able to combine a number of interesting input elements into a single online experience, allowing users to provide a variety of input, including preferences, survey questions and spatial input via Google maps. The consultant was able to gather significant community input and use the data from MetroQuest to create a compelling map/report for the client that summarized individual comments and locations.

MetroQuest was also used in Phase 2 to gather feedback on three alternative plans developed for the corridor. The three plans were developed by the consultant in conjunction with planners from the county, MPO and DOT. Citizens were able to select a preferred plan and add comments to the plan using Google maps plus drag and drop comment pins.

Phase 1: Click to watch a video about Identifying Priorities for a Corridor Plan

Phase 2: Click to watch a Scenario Planning for Corridor Studies