Project Description


Plan Maryland


Maryland Department of Planning


Plan Maryland is the state’s first comprehensive plan for sustainable growth and development. It is about achieving best practices in smart growth, protecting the environment, enhancing communities and achieving the vision set forth set forth by the legislature. The Maryland Department of Planning wanted an innovative tool to engage state residents in a discussion about the next 20 years and the implications for growth. MetroQuest was selected due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness.

The MetroQuest configuration for Maryland asks users to set their priorities for growth and preservation, review development options and then allows them to visualize the impact of the choices they have made in an effort to allow people to choose the best future for their state.

The project was launched on December 19, 2011, by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. In April 2012, the governor received the Nation Planning Leadership award for a Planning Advocate from the American Planning Association.