Project Description


Plan Folsom Boulevard


Sacramento Area Council of Governments, CA


The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) in conjunction with Sacramento County and the City of Rancho Cordova undertook a project along historic Folsom Blvd to engage citizens in a discussion about developing transit. The plan focussed on improving access for pedestrians and bicyclists by identifying where bike lanes and sidewalks are inadequate or non-existent, and also identified utility infrastructure needs (sewer, water, drainage) that will be necessary to accommodate transit-oriented development. The project engaged the community in discussing barriers to walking and using transit and also informed residents of the related health benefits walking and transit-oriented development can provide.

To complement the face-to-face workshops, SACOG added MetroQuest as a digital component to reach a broader cross section of the community and enable residents that could attend in person an opportunity to have their voices heard. MetroQuest worked with staff at SACOG to create a design for a station-specific engagement that could be repurposed quickly and cost effectively for subsequent stations.