Project Description


Plan East Tennessee


Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization, TN

Project Partner

Wallace Roberts & Todd


In Knoxville, transit officials formed a community-wide partnership to collaborate with eastern Tennesseans on planning an integrated strategy to address future needs for housing, roads and the environment for the next 30 years. The project asked citizens: “What will be the condition of our roads, housing, and environment? Will our economy be healthy? Will we be healthy? Is action needed to make certain our children thrive in the communities they inherit?”

MetroQuest was used via the web, on iPads and during a series of interactive workshops and public town hall sessions to engage residents in two phases of input. The first phase sought feedback on integrated future scenarios for the regions and the second collected feedback and on a range of objectives and strategies.

“MetroQuest allowed us to take collect a lot of information efficiently and effectively in a very short amount of time given limited staff resources. We used MetroQuest for two separate rounds of public input over an 8-week period — we heard from over 1100 people! Working with the MetroQuest team was a great experience. The team brought valuable insight and expertise that proved to be invaluable as we were scoping out each phase of our input.”

Amy Brooks, Transportation Planner, Knoxville Regional TPO