Project Description


City of North Vancouver Plan Update


City of North Vancouver, BC

Project Partners

HB Lanarc, Golder Group


The City of North Vancouver, one of the 21 municipalities in the Metro Vancouver Region began a process to update its Official Community Plan in 2011. MetroQuest was hired by local planning consultants HB Lanarc, Golder Group to provide a digital complement to the face-to-face element of the stakeholder engagement component during the first phase of the project. The objective of the first phase was to understand what issues were most important to the community. Input was gathered via a MetroQuest embed on the project’s website as well as running on iPads. The tablets were taken to community centers and other locations by trained volunteers, who were members of the community, to engage other people who do not typically participate.

The MetroQuest configuration for the North Vancouver plan allowed people to express their preferences on a set of issues, suggest an alternative and provide feedback on how the municipality delivers on identified key issues. According to the City of North Vancouver, this was the most successful engagement program they have ever run. The most important issue to emerge from the process was housing affordability.

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