First developed through a major university research project, MetroQuest has been used on innovative and award-winning projects on five continents. It has also topped best practice lists for public involvement year after year. MetroQuest is used to broaden and enrich public engagement for planning projects. It is the software of choice for leading planning, engineering, architecture and public involvement firms and agencies.

Our mission: to be the leading provider of digital engagement software, enabling the broadest, most meaningful public involvement and improving decision-making one plan at a time.


mike-150x150-02Mike Walsh – President, Technology Leader

Mr. Walsh has over 20 years of experience designing and developing computer-based learning and communications tools that engage stakeholders. As one of the company’s founders and the chief architect of MetroQuest, Mr. Walsh has been instrumental in advancing the MetroQuest technology from an early prototype into a software-as-a-service stakeholder engagement product.


daveDave Biggs – Chief Engagement Officer

Mr. Biggs is an internationally recognized expert in stakeholder engagement, public outreach and the use of software tools to enhance community participation for planning projects. As a co-founder of MetroQuest, he has authored several books and papers on planning, sustainability and stakeholder engagement and has facilitated over 200 workshops and community forums for planning and visioning projects on four continents.


Derek WarburtonDerek Warburton – Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Mr. Warburton is a technology industry leader with 26 years of expertise in building customer-centric sales teams and relationships that enable client success and company growth. Derek is also a highly regarded educational speaker, and has delivered presentations at over 130 professional events for thousands of companies on the effective use of technology to meet business objectives.


day-150x150-02Day Kirby – Senior Interface Designer

Mr. Kirby combines an extensive career in interface design with web application development to lead MetroQuest’s development team. He has more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing user interfaces for interactive projects. Additionally, he created the MetroQuest Configuration Management System, the suite of interactive tools that enable our customers to make changes to their MetroQuest configurations.


Norma Hogan MetroQuestNorma Hogan – Project and Production Manager

Ms. Hogan manages the project and production team at MetroQuest. Norma has a BA in International Relations with a focus on Environmental Politics and Policy from the University of British Columbia and is actively involved in many organizations including the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF). She also serves on the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) to the City of Surrey.


ryan-150x150-02Dr. Ryan Gandy – Senior Systems Architect

As the firm’s Senior Systems Architect, Dr. Gandy has been involved in the geospatial analysis and processing of data required for the configuration of MetroQuest for specific regions.  He has also spearheaded the design and development of automated tools and techniques for the data processing and scenario calibration processes inherent in the MetroQuest configuration.


It all started in 1990 when a team of sustainability researchers at the University of Waterloo saw SimCity and began wondering if technology could engage the public in the complex world of sustainability. Two of those researchers, Dr. John Robinson and Dave Biggs migrated to the University of British Columbia to explore that question. These two became a trio with the addition of tech pioneer Mike Walsh and work began in earnest. Their primary goal: leverage technology to draw the public into the sustainability planning process.

Their pioneering work together quickly gained momentum and became one of the largest sustainability research efforts in history. MetroQuest emerged from this $10 million project that in the end involved a team of over 70 interdisciplinary researchers across three university campuses.

After years of experiments and refinement, the software was ready for real world application. In 1997 Mike Walsh and Dave Biggs founded our firm, while Dr. Robinson stayed behind at UBC and went on to become one of the world’s most respected voices in the field of sustainability.

Even in those early days, our firm’s efforts were focused on bridging the gap between the general public and decision-makers by pioneering methods for representing complex information in easy-to-understand ways. Throughout its history, our firm has continued to refine MetroQuest with the aim of helping clients create broad-based support for their planning initiatives.